WMGLD appeal for Pantry Donations


WMGLD includes appeal for the Pantry in this months’ electric bills to help reduce hunger in Wakefield.

Hunger is as much a problem of the working and middle class as it is for those struggling with poverty. Life can change for anyone at any time, making the everyday task of providing food for one’s family very difficult. In Wakefield, the need is present in individuals, families, senior citizens on fixed incomes, the underemployed and the unemployed, those who struggle to make ends meet.

Together we serve:

  • More than 580 Households
  • 13% are Senior Citizens
  • 30% are Families with Children
  • 53% are Single Person Households
  • 43% are Disabled

This year we have distributed nearly 16,300 bags of food weighing 189,000 pounds. Each household may visit twice a month to take home an average of three grocery bags, enough for 4-5 days’ worth of food.

With financial help from you, the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry can utilize the bulk purchasing power of the Greater Boston Food Bank, where we are able to receive free and discounted high nutrient quality food. Your financial support goes a long way through our partnership with GBFB.  In fact, for every $1 we collect in donations, the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry is able to obtain $4 in food at the GBFB.

Everyone can make a difference in the lives of others; any size donation is appreciated.

Thank you!

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