Volunteers Needed for Annual WIFP Postal Drive

StampOutHunger2015With May right around the corner, we are once again looking forward to our annual Postal Food Drive.  It is being held on Saturday, May 9th in the gym at the Americal Civic Center.

We have a variety of needs and shifts available and once again look forward to your help in making this another successful event.

2:00 pm-5:00 pm-we welcome volunteers to work one hour shifts during this time and will need people to unload the Mail Trucks when they arrive, others to sort the received donations and bring them to the labeled tables and counters who will estimate the weight of the food received. We will also need transporters at the end of the shift (4-6 pm) to help bring the food down to the Pantry and also people to help clean up the gym.

While it is hard to estimate how many donations will be coming in at any given time, we strive to be well-staffed in order to keep things running smoothly and truly appreciate your willingness to help along with your understanding of possible periods of downtime.

When you respond to this email, please let us know what activity (unload, sort, counter, transport or cleanup) and the time slot you are interested in so that we know where to place you on the schedule.  Also, please include a second time slot you would be willing to volunteer for in case your original request is already filled.  We will confirm your assignment via email once the master schedule is completed. Please respond to wifp.volunteer@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued interest in volunteering for the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry.

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