Volunteer FAQ

Q.         What do volunteers do at the Food Pantry?

A.         There are a variety of positions and tasks our volunteers perform.  Some examples are Client Support Volunteers who are responsible for assisting clients with their shopping at the Food Pantry and Food Stocking Volunteers are needed for sorting and stocking food onto the Food Pantry shelves. Additionally, we have many programs such as its Kids First Program, Supplies for Seniors Program, and Annual Postal Drive where volunteers are always welcome to provide assistance.

Q.          How can I find out about new or ongoing volunteer positions?

A.          We encourage you to subscribe to the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry blog.  By becoming a subscriber, you will learn about volunteer opportunities at the food pantry and assist us in planning events.  If you like us on Facebook you will also get regular updates on events, volunteer needs, and other information.

Q.         How will I know what to do at the Food Pantry?

A.         We will provide you with information about what we do and whom we serve, and will train you for the task or position you choose.  Many of our volunteer positions do require lifting, sorting, stocking, and standing.

Q.         Can I come as an individual?

A.         Absolutely! We are more than happy to have individuals come in during our regular shifts to volunteer with us. All volunteers must complete an application and a release form.  Click here for Volunteer Form and Volunteer Release Form.  We also encourage you to contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Q.         What should I wear to volunteer?

A.         All volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes in order to volunteer. You should wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty, as our product can be dusty at times.

Q.         Is there an age restriction?

A.         Youth volunteers are welcome to help at the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry. However, all volunteers under the age of 18 require an adult chaperone. In addition, under 18 youth volunteers may not work directly with clients.

Q.         Can the Food Pantry accommodate volunteers with special needs?

A.         Due to safety regulations we have to evaluate all situations individually, but we are happy to try and accommodate special needs. To discuss your needs, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Q.         Can I come in on a regular basis?

A.         Individuals  are welcome to come in on a regular basis—however this would need to be scheduled with our Volunteer Coordinator in advance.

Q.         Does WIFP have parking?

A.         Yes, we do have a parking lot for visitors and volunteers at our location.

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