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WMGLD appeal for Pantry Donations


WMGLD includes appeal for the Pantry in this months’ electric bills to help reduce hunger in Wakefield.

Hunger is as much a problem of the working and middle class as it is for those struggling with poverty. Life can change for anyone at any time, making the everyday task of providing food for one’s family very difficult. In Wakefield, the need is present in individuals, families, senior citizens on fixed incomes, the underemployed and the unemployed, those who struggle to make ends meet. read more

Food Pantry Volunteers Make Sure Clients Enjoy the 4th of July in Power Out Crisis

Thirty-two needy families would have been without food for their Fourth of July celebration had it not been for the extra effort of the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department and the dedicated volunteers at the food pantry (as reported in the Wakefield Daily Item by Gail Lowe, 7/10/2012). Volunteers worked in the pitch black to help clients shop for provisions and to do registrations to make sure that each shopper was a Wakefield resident. While the WMGLD planned the outage, the staff at the WIFP didn’t know about it due to a communication error. “All Americans – no matter what economic level — deserve to have a good time on our nation’s birthday,” said Maureen Miller, Director of WIFP Operations. And so thanks to support from the WMGLD and super volunteers, they did!