Jane McHugh Receives Harriet Windsor Volunteer Award

Each year the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry gives our Harriet Windsor Volunteer of the Year Award to that one individual who goes above and beyond in supporting the pantry’s mission. The criteria for this award are: consistency, dedication to our mission, leadership, cooperation, integrity, honesty and respectfulness. In summary someone who makes the food pantry a better place.

According to Maureen Miller, Director of Operations, this year’s award goes to a person who wears many hats in the pantry. “She shops, picks up food, goes to the food bank, coordinates drives and provides support to all the other volunteers. She is a person I can always turn for help and count on that she will come through. The pantry runs smoothly because of her services. Our Volunteer of the Year Award for 2014 is Jane McHugh!”

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