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Consider Donating Stock this Year: A Win-Win for You and the Food Pantry

As we near the end of 2017, many people are deciding to make significant contributions to their favorite charities, and we hope our food pantry is one of them.  Before giving cash, did you know that there is an alternate strategy that can help people increase their charitable giving and save even more money on their income taxes?

People with investments in stocks, bonds and other securities they’ve held for at least one year can donate those that have gained in value. This will result in significant income-tax savings to the giver. In fact, donating stock saves even more taxes than donating cash, since there is no capital gains tax when appreciated securities are given to a nonprofit. read more

Wakefield Co-op Bank’s “Teaching Kids to Grow” Program Brings Fresh Herbs & Vegetables to Food Pantry

As reported in the Wakefield Item on July 28, 2017, students at Galvin Middle School and Woodville Elementary School have been planting vegetables and herb  gardens to share with the Wakefield Food Pantry!

Janet Rivers, Mortgage Relationship Manager at the Wakefield Co-operative Bank, established the program in 2015 a way to teach kids about the ownership, responsibility, and satisfaction that comes with cultivating a garden and giving back to the community.  The program started with one garden and has now grown to six beds. read more

Volunteers Needed: Watering the Galvin Gardens!

The Wakefield Co-Operative Bank in collaboration with the Galvin Middle School has planted 4 vegetable gardens in the rear side of the school. The project is called, “Teach Children to Grow”. Summer students plant and maintain the garden, and all vegetables are donated to the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry.

Help is needed to water the garden beds on Saturdays and Sundays in June, July, and August.

If you are interested in sharing this community service with your children, please click on this link: read more

Greater Boston Food Bank Food Order Pick-ups: Volunteers Needed!

The Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry is looking for volunteers to join its Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) food pick-up team. The Food Pantry purchases food items from the GBFB at a significant discount (typically $1 purchased at GBFB equals about $4.00 in food elsewhere).

The runs to the GBFB occur on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, (and 5th one also if there happens to be one in a particular month) Mondays of the month. Volunteers drive in their own cars to the food bank in Boston and arrive at 10:45 am to be ready for an 11:00 am pick-up time. The pantry has a truck and driver who will be there to assist volunteers with loading the order onto the truck. Volunteers then return to the pantry and help unload the order. read more

Food Pantry Needs Volunteers for Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, May 14, 2016

The Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry supporters and volunteers are once again looking forward to the annual Stamp Out Hunger Postal Food Drive. It is being held on Saturday, May 14th in the gym at the Americal Civic Center.

The Pantry has a variety of needs and shifts available for volunteers and looks forward to the community’s help in making this another successful event.

On May 14, from 2-5 pm, the Pantry welcomes volunteers to work one hour shifts during this time and will need people to unload the Mail Trucks when they arrive, others to sort the received donations and bring them to the labeled tables and counters who will estimate the weight of the food received. In addition, transporters are needed to help bring the food down to the Pantry and also some volunteers to help at 5 pm to clean up the gym at the end of the event. read more

“Teaching Kids to Grow” with Co-op Bank and Galvin Middle School Benefits The Food Pantry

Students at the Galvin Middle School recently planted twenty vegetable and herb plants donated by Wakefield Co-operative Bank. The Teaching Kids to Grow initiative was established as a way to teach students how to cultivate crops and provide fresh produce to the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry.

The idea for Teaching Kids to Grow came to fruition after Chad Moore, VP of Personal Banking at Wakefield Co-operative Bank, returned from a volunteer day with Habitat for Humanity. Moore asked the bank’s Personal Banking team to brainstorm community projects they would like to participate in. Unaware of the four beautiful, raised beds in the rear of the newly renovated Galvin Middle School, Janet Rivers, Business Development Manager, suggested building raised garden beds to grow and donate fresh food for the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry. After finding out about the beds, she approached the school in hopes of finding a group of students willing to collaborate on the project. read more